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Published on June 20th, 2013 | by Seymour Birkoff


It has been a long three weeks period  in the chase  and Biggie’s guests must be demanding for  natural needs.

The chasers are feeling frustrated and hormonal that they were induced  to spend their night talking about sex and the long period they have spent without having it.

The Diamonds; Melvin, Hakeem Beverly, Bimp, Bolt and Maria were the discussants during this lengthy session with Beverly being centered. Hakeem asked Beverly what she’s going to do in these three long months for her demanding body.

In response, the Nigerian model told them  she has no solution because there is no body in the house she’s to mate with. ” Even  if I am to do it, there’s no one here I like to do it with, LK4 is gone long time,”  Beverly added.

Reaching this point, her fellows suggested some other options besides the Ugandan prince LK4. Hakeem asked Beverly if she couldn’t do it with Nando who is also looking for a bonkmate. Beverly instead just laughed and raised no comment about the Tanzanian charmer….hmm, could she take this option?

As if those suggestions were not enough for Beverly, Melvin went ahead and told her that she can have sex with Bimp.  Talking about the Ethiopian guarded lad, Beverly said that she knows Bimp very well and he can’t do it…..If he could, was she ready to let him in?

Maria catalysed the talk when she added that Biggie himself expects them to make love in the house basing on the talk she  shared with him earlier in the day during her diary session. “I told biggie that the mating season is approaching and something might happen and he just said ‘hmm’,” Maria told her colleagues before she added that” Let’s sleep, this conversation is making me uncomfortable”. At this moment Hakeem wished good luck to Melvin who was sleeping next to maria.

Bolt threw a bomb shell that he knows of some girl in the House who asked Biggie for a vibrator!

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